Sunday, October 5, 2008

HOPE worldwide KENYA Workshop (ICOH Program)

HOPE worldwide KENYA (Mombasa) was privileged to host this years ICOH Capacity Building Workshop . The workshop took place at Jambo Paradise Restaurant and the main agenda was "Entrepreneurship Education". The team was privileged to have HwwK Operations Manager, Nicasius Kamani as our Chief Facilitator of the week.
Master of Ceremony was Mr. Newton Nuthu (Program Officer - ICOH Program).
Others were Mr. Julius Nguku (HwwK Technical Advisor ), Mrs. Mary Gitau, Miss Faith Kamau, Noel Asikoyo, J.P. Munene, Mr. Peter Okello, Mr. Nelson Ndirangu and the rest.

ICOH staff members came to understand the difference between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship skills. The facilitator (Mr. Kamani) really uplifted the spirits of staff through his innovative Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial skills.

One Mr. David alias Msanii said "What I learnt in this conference, I am going to employ them in my wife some small business. Also, I am going to pass this Entrepreneurial skills to the youths in the community as my work entails socialising with youths"
After the first 2 day workshop on Entrepreneurial Education, the group went to Ukunda (South Coast) for Capacity Building activity.
Different games were played e.g. Volleyball, football, running to mention but a few.
All members had a great time. They socialised, exchanged ideas, took photos, discussed the hardships they face at their workstation and finally they had a great time talking to the Operations Director Mr. Nicasius Kamani .
Believe me, it was really a wonderful Capacity Building activity.
Mr. Nguku (Technical Advisor - HwwK) organised the participants to buy a nice gift for Mr. Nicasius Kamani (Operations Director) for his wonderful facilitation offered to us.
Miss Faith Kamau (Senior Program Coordinator - ICOH Mombasa) gave the gift to Mr. Kamani on behalf of all HwwK staff present.
He (Mr. Kamani) thanked all the participant for well job done on various ICOH sites and encouraged them to practice what they have learnt at the workshop.
These are some of the pictures taken at Jambo Paradise Conference room and at South Coast (Ukunda) for capacity building. Be Blessed

Mr. Nicasius Kamani thanks the team for a wonderful present he received.

A picture taken in Ukunda while in capacity building.

 The team at their happiest moments.

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