Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kibarani Community Nursery School

Kibarani Community Nursery School is located in Changamwe Division in the newly created Kilindini District. The school helps in educating the children who have no chance of getting education elsewhere.

It was a privilege for HOPE worldwide KENYA (Mombasa ICOH Staff) in collaboration with Peer Educators from Ashton (E.P.Z.) Mombasa to donate some food stuff and medicine to the children. They also donated balls and rims for the children to play with. The team also prepared porridge for the children and interacted with them.

It was wonderful to see the children happy as they enjoy their lives like any other normal children.
This are the some of the pictures taken that day.

 HwwK Staff and Ashton Apparel Peer Educator donating Food Stuff and playing items.

 A child enjoys the served beverage drink 

Peer Educators from Ashton and Faith Kamau (HwwK Staff)

A child is being treated from ailments.

 A child plays with a Playing items donated and a young child drinks porridge prepared by Peer Educators from Ashton Apparel.

Ashton Apparels employee (Peer Educator) holding a child.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

HOPE worldwide KENYA Workshop (ICOH Program)

HOPE worldwide KENYA (Mombasa) was privileged to host this years ICOH Capacity Building Workshop . The workshop took place at Jambo Paradise Restaurant and the main agenda was "Entrepreneurship Education". The team was privileged to have HwwK Operations Manager, Nicasius Kamani as our Chief Facilitator of the week.
Master of Ceremony was Mr. Newton Nuthu (Program Officer - ICOH Program).
Others were Mr. Julius Nguku (HwwK Technical Advisor ), Mrs. Mary Gitau, Miss Faith Kamau, Noel Asikoyo, J.P. Munene, Mr. Peter Okello, Mr. Nelson Ndirangu and the rest.

ICOH staff members came to understand the difference between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship skills. The facilitator (Mr. Kamani) really uplifted the spirits of staff through his innovative Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial skills.

One Mr. David alias Msanii said "What I learnt in this conference, I am going to employ them in my wife some small business. Also, I am going to pass this Entrepreneurial skills to the youths in the community as my work entails socialising with youths"
After the first 2 day workshop on Entrepreneurial Education, the group went to Ukunda (South Coast) for Capacity Building activity.
Different games were played e.g. Volleyball, football, running to mention but a few.
All members had a great time. They socialised, exchanged ideas, took photos, discussed the hardships they face at their workstation and finally they had a great time talking to the Operations Director Mr. Nicasius Kamani .
Believe me, it was really a wonderful Capacity Building activity.
Mr. Nguku (Technical Advisor - HwwK) organised the participants to buy a nice gift for Mr. Nicasius Kamani (Operations Director) for his wonderful facilitation offered to us.
Miss Faith Kamau (Senior Program Coordinator - ICOH Mombasa) gave the gift to Mr. Kamani on behalf of all HwwK staff present.
He (Mr. Kamani) thanked all the participant for well job done on various ICOH sites and encouraged them to practice what they have learnt at the workshop.
These are some of the pictures taken at Jambo Paradise Conference room and at South Coast (Ukunda) for capacity building. Be Blessed

Mr. Nicasius Kamani thanks the team for a wonderful present he received.

A picture taken in Ukunda while in capacity building.

 The team at their happiest moments.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Completion of Computer Course (First Intake)

It was with jubilation when HOPE worldwide KENYA (Mombasa site) completed the training of Computer class students first intake. The course started in late May 2008 and ended on 29th Aug 2008. The student did their final exam which will be marked by an external body pending their results and certification.
Some of the students are enthusiastic and thankful for the free Computer lessons they have acquired since they would not have gotten such an opportunity due to financial constraints.

This is what Mr Stephen Kitili had to say " I really thank the management and staff of HOPE worldwide KENYA for all the support they have given me and my fellow student through this Computer Class. Now, I feel very comfortable to go for any computer related interview so that I can show what I am worth. HOPE worldwide have done the residence of Mikindani proud, if only they could know. May the almighty God bless you."

The class has been coached by Mr Nelson Ndirangu (Computer Tutor) who found the students eager to learn. This is what he had to say " When I came to HOPE worldwide KENYA (Mombasa) I was not sure how I would teach the students for their better understanding. But I was puzzled by how the students were eager to learn even more that what the syllabus dictated. They are hardworking students. I wish if the course would also have covered Technical skills such as Computer Maintenance and Networking. They really made me proud."

Currently the students have Seven Modules to learn i.e. Introduction to Computers, Windows XP, Ms Word, Ms Excell, Ms Access, Ms PowerPoint and Adobe PageMaker.

The next intake is already onboard it comprises of 30 students.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mombasa Show

HOPE worldwide KENYA had a stand in this years Mombasa Agricultural Show which is usually takes place at Mkomani area in Kisauni Division. HwwK team comprised of Miss Faith, Miss Evelyne, Mr. Salim, Mr. Patrick and other volunteers.

HwwK offered enormous services to the people of Mombasa District ranging from VCT services, Peer education, S.T.I. Infections e.t.c.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Girls Footbal Tornament

It is a very good day. Today we did see a football match between Bomu Girls versus Mikindani Girls at Kwashee Primary School in Mombasa District.

The aim of this tournament was to promote the Girl child so that they can show their talent and reduce the risks of them joining into bad habits when they get older.

The guests were Madam Evelyne Mocheche (representative of HOPE worldwide KENYA), Mrs. Mumia (Assistant Chief - Mikindani Location), Mombasa Combine Coach and many more.
There were alot of entertainment from former HwwK trainees (computer students) who showcased different talents ranging from Rap contest, Poems, Choir and Plays. I assure you it was marvelous.

The game took off at around 3:00 p.m. local time. It was a fabulous showing by our own sisters who tried and struggled alot to impress the local supporters. The first half ended with no team scoring any goal. In the second half things changed and Bomu Girls managed to score a single goal through their striker. Goal!!!!!!!! The crowd chanted as the MC was announcing the goal through the PA system. The game ended with the sole goal.

Mikindani Girls were awarded a Football ball which was presented to them by Madam Evelyne Mocheche on behalf of HOPE worldwide KENYA. Mrs. Mumia (Assistant Chief) did present the trophy to the winner Bomu Girls.

This tournament is one of the many initiative introduced by HOPE worldwide KENYA to help in prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS to our teenagers. We would like to thank all who took part in this tournament in one way or the other and may the All Mighty God Bless You.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is testing one two three



I am Nelson Ndirangu Kimiti. I am a volunteer at HOPE worldwide KENYA (Mombasa). I do welcome you my brothers to share helpful ideas on how we can better of society since we do have the power to change our environ for the better of the society.

You are free to post any positive comment. Welcome